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The perfect end of the 2019 International Gate Show



  March 15-18, 2019, the 18th China International Gate Exhibition held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, the new pavilion as scheduled, as an automatic paint machine industry standard drafting enterprises, Boshu integrated the enterprise in recent years deep-cultivated intelligent coating equipment results, in the exhibition hall W4-08 (W4 Hall) held a four-day exhibition. Let's review the highlights of this boson exhibition!


    Double servo mis-injection technology 1300mm automatic paint machine - to cover, belt transport, dry craft interpretation: suitable for board furniture, solid wood doors, cabinet doors, crafts, decorative boards, calcium silicate plate, magnesium plate, cement fiber and other slab-type workpieces of the plane and four sides, for PU, NC, PVC, UV, Water-based paint and fluorocarbon paint, etc., for high-quality results continuous automatic painting, improve product quality and productivity, while reducing paint loss, cost savings.

B2-01——1300mmAutomactic spraying Line PE/PU/WB 


   As the final effect coating, the finished paint has a good gloss, high plumpness, strong wear resistance surface requirements. Door plate spraying selection door plate dedicated water/PU paint automatic paint line, door cover, line spraying selection of generalized water/PU paint automatic paint line, come out to dry 2-24 hours packaging.

B2-03——1300mmAutomactic spraying LineUV/WBUV 


     Paint color system can achieve transparent, mixed color, real color three colors of coating, paint coating can also achieve closed, open, highlight, matte, semi-dumb coating effect, the use of UV bottom and UV surface / water-based surface automatic spraying process, more environmentally friendly, more efficient, more cost-effective! 


   Customer demand as the center, for customers to create maximum value" is our service concept, we are as determined as ever to implement. The 18th China International Gate Exhibition was successfully concluded, thank ingress with the support and trust of many new and old customers, with your support and trust, Boshu will continue to show the grand "Tu". March 28 Guangzhou International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition in that, we will carry intelligent coating system, in s10.1F28 booth, looking forward to your visit.