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Foshan City "warm spring action" to send warmth | Warmly welcome the visit of Foshan Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference and municipal functional departments


     On the morning of February 20, 2020, Foshan Municipal Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference Wan Zhikang and the leaders of the city's functional departments and other members of the Foshan City 2020 "Corporate Warm Spring Action" working group entered Boshuo to investigate and guide the prevention and control of epidemic situation and resume work Resume production. Bo Shuo Chairman Xie Jun, Deputy General Manager Wu Xuefeng, and Deputy General Manager Hu Song warmly received the working group, and led the leaders of the working group to enter the Bo Shuo production workshop, intelligent experience hall, business place and other places to understand the epidemic prevention measures The status of implementation, as well as the current difficulties and problems in production and operation.

"Corporate Warm Spring Action" -About BoshuoWarm Spring Action "-Into Boshuo

"Corporate Warm Spring Action"-Research Forum

The working group and his party held a discussion in our Smart Experience Pavilion. The purpose of this "warm spring action" was to pass the government-supported enterprise's policy measures to the enterprise. Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, orderly and safe resumption of production, and do a good job in the epidemic prevention and production of Boshuo family.

"Corporate Warm Spring Action"-Send Warmth

  In response to the epidemic prevention materials required by the epidemic, the team also brought two boxes of masks for Boshuo, which made us feel the warm spring.

 In January 2020, the pneumonia epidemic infected with the new coronavirus raged across the country. The sudden outbreak has cast a heavy shadow on the land of China. Facing the severe new-type coronary pneumonia epidemic, Boshuo strictly implemented the government's anti-epidemic requirements, and the company officially resumed work on February 10, 2020. The "Warm Spring Action" in Foshan City made us feel the government's deep concern for enterprises, and made us more confident in the development of enterprises.

  During the epidemic, for the health and safety of you and others, we will conduct temperature checks on all entering personnel and remind you to wear the mask correctly. If it is inconvenient, please forgive me!