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Welcome Chongqing cabinet wardrobe custom furniture association a line visit to Richfruits guide



   On March 27, 2019, on the eve of the 2019 Guangzhou Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition, Bosu welcomed a line of Chongqing Cabinet Wardrobe Custom Furniture Association - more than 20 furniture entrepreneurs came to visit the guide. For Richfruits March Guangzhou International Furniture Expo ahead of the start of a loud shot.

    As the main host of this visit, Boshu made full preparations for this expedition, and strived to convey to each guest present our coating equipment and process, bringing back full of dry goods. 

     Chongqing cabinet wardrobe custom furniture association came to Boshu straight to the production workshop, in order to allow guests to more systematic and comprehensive understanding of coating equipment and technology, Deputy General Manager Wu general full use of small speakers on each of our equipment detailed functional introduction. Guests check-in to visit the workshop


    After visiting the workshop, we switch the venue into the conference room, for the customer's own situation, troubleshooting, we discuss learning together.


    This visit is to further expand the vision of enterprises in the custom furniture industry, find the best equipment and technology solutions to achieve intelligent, environmental protection, energy-saving requirements, in order to promote Chongqing cabinet wardrobe custom furniture industry industrial upgrading, Boshu will assume this responsibility. March 28-31, 2019 Bosus will be in Guangzhou, China furniture production equipment and ingredients exhibition - S10.1F28 release of new technology, with intelligence and big data as the theme, digital line control, visual central control, remote operation and maintenance, Boshu Yuntu 20 words to Boxu intelligent coating system summary, so that the furniture industry lower cost, Efficient, high-quality operation to make coating smarter.