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Vice-District Director Cai of Shunde District, Foshan City, visited Richfruits' inspection seminar


  On the morning of March 20, 2019, Vice-President Of Shunde District of Foshan City, With Wu Deputy Director of the District Economic Promotion Bureau and Deputy Director Luo, member of the Lun-Tang Street Party Work Committee, and other delegations came to Boshuo to discuss, Our Chairman Xie Jun, Deputy General Manager Hu Song, Deputy General Manager Xu Xiaoping accompanied the entire management team, Cai Vice-President and his team in-depth understanding of Boshuo from entrepreneurship, Development, to the present leapfrog, and Boshuo in the field of coating rapid development to give high praise.

       Cai's deputy district chief and his team first inspected the exterior walls, exhibition halls and Bosushi's production workshop. Boshuo plant exterior wall is Boshuo independent research and development equipment applied in calcium silicate plate, made of insulation decoration board, not only to achieve a variety of granite patterns, but also to achieve environmental protection, energy-saving effect, promote residential industrialization. And learn more about the planning layout of Bosus intelligent exhibition hall. Then Chairman Xie Jun introduced the reciprocating automatic spraying equipment, paint drying equipment developed by the company in detail to The Vice-President of Cai and his team, and together observed the functional demonstration of the "Coating Intelligent System" work platform. Through on-site experience of automatic spraying equipment in efficiency, environmental protection, energy-saving, intelligent advanced, Vice President Cai bo-shou in the technology research and development of investment and equipment intelligence, environmental protection, energy-saving significant results have been fully affirmed and highly praised.

     After the inspection, Vice President Cai and his team held talks on the development of Boshu Company. Chairman Xie Jun introduced the company's development process, she mentioned: Boshuo was founded in 2003, is the first to do spraying equipment enterprises, has been committed to coating equipment research and development, from single machine to wiring to automation to intelligent production line; From the wood products industry process application to expand in 2005 to calcium silicate plate industry, creating insulation decoration board an industry birth. After 17 years of rapid development, Boshi has won the recognition of many well-known customers, and will continue to invest in the field of talent and research and development in the future, increasing the investment of intelligence and networking.

     Vice President Cai fully affirmed the results of Boshuo, but also asked in detail about The composition of the company's personnel, incentive mechanism, assessment mechanism, operating mechanism and the development process encountered problems, hope to help enterprises solve problems, help enterprises health, rapid development, and the future development of Boshou put forward forward forward-looking recommendations. 

     Shunde District Government actively practice the new concept of development, fully implement General Secretary Xi's important speech and important instructions in Guangdong to give the spirit of instructions, conscientiously implement the provincial committee "1 s 1 plus 9" work deployment, Cai Vice-District Chief and his team visited Boshuo, on behalf of the Shunde government's care and support for private enterprises, Boshuo in Shunde this hot land to take root to express a warm welcome, Practice the Shunde government to build a new normal under the positive, healthy, dynamic government-enterprise relations. Through this meeting, Boshuo as a leader in the coating industry, but also more determined to actively respond to government policies, in environmental protection, energy conservation and other fields will continue to vigorously as, bravely when the pioneer to promote the green industry, for the whole region up and down to forge a high-quality development of the Road to Germany.