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Academic Conference on the super matte technology


    The good tactile and visual effects of super matte board has become a hot spot in furniture and decorative materials industry. At present, the super matte effect can be generally obtained by four processing technologies:

一、Membrane pressure technology

    On the work piece with primer, apply UV top coating on roller, press and flatten the top coat with super matte film, and remove the film after curing with UV light source to get the super matte sensitive product with film pressure.

Membrane pressing technology can only process plane products. And because of the limitation of the micro structure of the super matte sense film, the timeliness of the sense of this kind of products will be limited under certain conditions. At present, in domestic applications, the super matte film is disposable, resulting in high operating costs.

二、Coating technology

     At present, self drying paint (PU, water-based) can achieve super matte feeling effect through paint formula. PU super matte sensitive paint has been realized earlier; water-based super matte paint has been provided by several paint factories in China.

三、 Curing technology of excimer lamp


    IOT company from Germany has created a 172 nm UV curing equipment (EXCIMER) with unique performance, which can be called the "extreme high technology" of UV curing technology

After absorbing 172 nm UV light, the acrylate double bond in the formulation of UV coating can generate free radicals without photoinitiator. At the same time, the penetration depth of 172 nm UV is only 100 to 500 nm, so only a very thin layer on the surface of the coating is cured. The polymerization and cross-linking of this thin layer will shrink to form an unsmooth surface, and float on the uncured lower liquid to achieve the surface matte effect.  However, this curing needs to be carried out in nitrogen environment, so that the oxygen concentration in the operating environment is lower than 100ppm. After that, conventional UV or electron beam is used for complete curing.

     This method of extinction is known as "physical extinction" because it does not require the use of a matting agent. At the same time, the polymerization and cross-linking on the lower surface of 172 nm can provide high surface hardness and high coating density.


2、Process and equipment

At present, this technology can only be used for plane products. On the work pieces with UV primer, apply UV super matte topcoat by roller, deep curing by LED, ultra dumb UV equipment and conventional UV curing equipment to get super matte products.

At present, IOT company in Germany can provide a complete set of super matta UV equipment and Technology (the purchase price of the whole machine is about ¥ 1 million); IST company in Germany can provide core components and Technology (light source and control system, nitrogen control system and device), and now China can provide super matta UV equipment, otherwise, it is to purchase the whole machine core components of IST company for assembly in China, or However, it is to directly purchase IOT complete equipment.

3、Characteristic analysis and introduction

     Advantages: Compared with PU, waterborne and other super matta paints, this skin-sensitive product is more scratch resistant, stain resistant, fingerprint resistant and repairable.

Disadvantages: The one-time investment cost of equipment is high, the operation cost is high, can only process planar products (if the flatness of large board is not enough, will appear defective).

        A. The standard working life of the excimer lamp is normal 3000 hours, and it is also easy to be damaged due to improper maintenance. The price of an imported light source is about 50,000-70,000 RMB (different brands will have differences).

         B. A large amount of high-purity nitrogen is required for the operation of the equipment. Normal operation requires a purity of 99.999% nitrogen of 20 cubic meters per hour.


四、The Richfruits technology route

      Richfruits is committed to providing: low operating cost, ultra dumb UV equipment that can produce special-shaped skin sensing products, different from the above technical route.


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