SINCE 2003
Guangdong Richfruits Coating Technology Co.,Ltd

30000+square meters

200+Number of employees


Company scale

       Foshan Shunde Richfruits Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd& Guangdong Richfruits Coating Technology Co.,Ltd are Hongkong invested companies, which entered into Chinese mainland in 2003. Nowadays both Richfruits companies are the representative enterprises in Chinese automatic equipment industry, which are specialized in designing, researching &developing, manufacturing. marketing and servicing of automatic coating solution. Thanks to top coating experts and Germany &Itallan technology.

Technological Breakthrough

      Richfruits has researched and provided automatic, efficient, environmental and energy saving coating equipment and solution for UV transfer printing technology of fiber cement board/calcium silicate board, heating transfer board and external decorative board. Richfruits improves the industrial process of external insulation board and internal UV transfer board by replacing manual work, decreasing producing cost, increasing product quality, solving environmental problem, etc.

      Richfruits main products include:  spraying, roller coating, transfer printing,curtain coating, drying equipment and automatic equipment. these products combined in intelligent coating production lines which are more suitable for integrated board industry. Richfruits has researched building board technology in 2005. As the first researching manufacturer of building board and Being the pioneer and impeller, Richfruits combines automatic spraying machine and drying equipment, leading to smart coating line. More than 10 years experience, there are a lot of practical cases in building board field, such as Aisa Cuanon, Kuck, Nippon, etc.


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high and new technology products(style)


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Global Operations

      According to the technical innovation and high quality technician service, Richfrtuis provide our service to more than 30 cities in China and 30 countries all over the world, such as Russia, Ukraine, Iran, America,India, Romania, Iraq, Dubai, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka Nigenia etc.

      Richfruits persists in the marketing target of focusing on customers and creating the biggest value as our aim. Richfruits establish an automatic finishing technology& equipment showing center for testing the customers samples. We combine the painting technology with the automatic spraying technology to accomplishing the test successfully. The new coating revolution will promote customers'quality and efficiency, and saving the cost.



Core team

We have a team of high-tech personnel composed of Phdsand masters, as well as a group of industry experts who have grown up with the company and their wealth ofexperts to form a highly technical and experienced team.

Intelligent coating system

Intelligent system is through multi-level control which areequipment, long range and cloud, reaching unmanned production and unmanned management of coating production line, realizing the calculation of big data and cloud.

Rich experience

Has a number of technological innovations, a largenumber of customer applications, has accumulated rich practical experience, comprehensive ability to solve, has formed the industry's first brand.

Production base

Richfruits has a modern production base of 30,000 square meters.