Industry Brand Stories

Coating Effect Required

Smooth and smooth finish Lifelike colour Stable colour and lustre The simulation degree is 99%.

Coating Technology Analysis

Internal wall application profile
The popular main products of extemal insulation decorative boardinsulation use water-in-water multi color paint, real stone paint and ceramic paint. The production line has gone from the previous single machine production mode, to semi-automatic production,to segmented automation, and now the whole line is intelligent. The application of intelligent information system, detechnology and automatic logistics can solve the problem of batch stability of product quality.

The advantage of automatic spraying paint
In some cases like pro-environment upgrade,quality upgrade, lack of workers or worker is hard to manage,then using automatic spraying production line instead.And reciprocating automatic spraying line is the required choice.

1.Jade-like spraying effect
2.Superior paint film controlling
3.High-efficient paint collecting
4.Simple maintenance of equipment

Customer Application Cases